Sunflowers and Denim | Abigail & Creed

Sunflowers and denim. That was the theme for Abigail’s and Creed’s wedding day. This intimate Monday afternoon wedding was simply charming. Everywhere you looked there were personal touches made by hand with love that made the day just perfect for these two. Family was clearly important and the church was filled with love as Abigail and Creed made their entrances.

Abigail looked just like a princess in her wedding gown with a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers. Her shoes were blue suede heels (cue Elvis) and her garter was denim and lace with a sweet charm bearing her new last initial. Creed was decked out in a grey vest, blue tie and sunflower boutonniere. There was a simple charm to the wedding yet it was well thought out and planned by everyone involved.


Abigail’s mother and father made such a fuss over her throughout the day to be sure that everything was just as she wanted it. Not so much in a spoiled way, but more so that they wanted it to be perfect for her and her groom. Abigail’s aunts and grandmother played a huge role in getting her ready and double checking that everything was in its place. Abigail was adopted and I loved that her birth mother was there supporting her and very much a part of the day.SUNFLOWERS-AND-DENIM-3SUNFLOWERS-AND-DENIM-4SUNFLOWERS-AND-DENIM-6SUNFLOWERS-AND-DENIM-7SUNFLOWERS-AND-DENIM-8SUNFLOWERS-AND-DENIM-14SUNFLOWERS-AND-DENIM-15

Creed’s family was a blast to work with. They had me laughing the entire time I was working with them. And if she hadn’t told me different I would have believed that his grandmother was another of his aunts. She must share her secrets!


Abigail and Creed chose to write letters to each other and seal them in a box until their 10th anniversary. They also chose to braid a rope as a symbol of their love for each other and for Christ. After the ceremony, we made our way to the reception where they had a traditional receiving line. They cut their cake, drank sparkling grape juice and mingled with guests.


Abigail and Creed are destined for a successful marriage given their examples through both sets of parents. I wish them only the best.

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